"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." Ansel Adams


    Gabriela was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. Her early influences included Romanian artists such as portraitist Corneliu Baba and sculptor Victor Brauner, both of whom heavily shaped her perception of art, light, and subject. In addition to these artists, Gabriela owes much of her artistic upbringing to her father, Viorel. She grew up watching him develop photos in his improvised dark room, and following his lead Gabriela developed a passion for the process of photography. These influences have stuck with her from the beginning, and her photographs reveal not only her artistic background, but also the passion for photography she learned from her father.


    After a brief foray into economic studies, Gabriela returned to her creative roots, and her early love of photography segued into the world of moving pictures. Working as an editor for MTV Romania and as an associate producer at Music Channel Romania, Gabriela was prompted to return to academia, receiving her degree in cinematography from Hyperion University in Bucharest.


    The ocean’s charm has since stolen Gabriela from the bustle of city life and transplanted her to Cape May, New Jersey. Here Gabriela's passion for photography has fully flourished in the bright and beautiful sunlight. Gabriela currently does freelance photography for the wildly popular weekly Exit Zero, as well as marketing materials for local businesses, with extensive experience in environment shots of retail spaces, hotels, restaurants & community events.


    Armed with a Canon, Gabriella is ready to shoot a wide array of photographs for any occasion including:



·         Beach Portraits

·         Family Portraits

·         Prom Photos

·         Engagement Sessions

·         Weddings

·         Head Shots

·         Marketing

·         And many more functions




Prices are affordably competitive so please contact Gabriela for any upcoming events or for additional details.




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Photographer based in Cape May, Nj serving all Cape May County, Wildwood, Avalon, Sea Isle, Stone Harbor.